Work Hard + Play Hard = Lasting Results

Summer is finally here & its time for vacations, going to the beach and having fun!  But do not let all this fun get you side tracked from your goals!  Here are a few tips to keep you on track while traveling:  Have an accountability partner & check in with each other daily. Move everyday for at least 10 minutes - too many days off will make it so hard to get started up again when you get back from vacation.  You also don't want to lose what you have gained!  Commit to moving your body, continuously every day.  Walking,

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Motivated by More + MINDBODY

Motivated by More + MindBody

Whoop! Whoop! Check out this news!! Motivated by More & MINDBODY!! So exciting! Well, for me it is ?I’ve been praying a lot the past year “God is this where you want me?” Every time I think of throwing the towel in He affirms I’m right where I’m supposed to be in this season of life. So then I ask Him “Why is my business not bigger?” Or “Am I making a difference?” Again He affirms that YES I’m making a difference in the lives of those I train, coach & teach, AND more importantly an audience of 1 is

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MOTIVATED By MORE ?Holiday Challenge

The holidays are quickly approaching!!  I don't know about you, but the holidays to me are a wonderful, magical, and fun time of year. However in then past they also add extra stress, mile-long to do lists, busy schedules which result in less sleep, poor eating and little exercise. This year my goal is to do it differently. I heard a quote recently and it changed my heart. "Keep my hustle holy." There is a lot of hustle in the holidays and I want to keep it holy. I want to relish in the moments with friends & family. I

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Be Still.

Last year I had an injury that I struggled with for almost ten months.  It was frustrating, uncomfortable and time consuming.  I tried many things to heal my muscles and finally had great success in physical therapy. As a lover of fitness and athlete in my younger years, it was hard to adapt to moving in a different way.  Therapy was a very humbling experience.  I was used to doing sprints, burpees, kettle bell swings, and a variety of other exercises that required big, fast moves, yet I was told to pull back and try a new way.  It was

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TANKS Giving

Its TANKS-Giving! Tell us what you’re thankful for in a 30-second or less video for a chance to win a “Training for Pumpkin Spice Latte Season” tank featuring Psalms 107:9. All Entries Must be submitted by 11/20/16 on the Motivated By More Facebook Page or Youtube Channel. The video with the most likes wins, so please share! Join in on some Tanks-giving fun and WIN!

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