Work Hard + Play Hard = Lasting Results

Work Hard + Play Hard = Lasting Results

Summer is finally here & its time for vacations, going to the beach and having fun!  But do not let all this fun get you side tracked from your goals!  Here are a few tips to keep you on track while traveling:

  1.  Have an accountability partner & check in with each other daily.
  2. Move everyday for at least 10 minutes – too many days off will make it so hard to get started up again when you get back from vacation.  You also don’t want to lose what you have gained!  Commit to moving your body, continuously every day.  Walking, running swimming or a HIIT workout are easy to do away from home.
  3. Plan your meals…and your treats!  I am not against having treats…but you will be more likely to stay on track if you make a plan.  Before you go determine how many treats you are going to eat.  Then make sure you are eating a salad or grilled vegetables with each meal to ensure you are getting the vitamins and minerals you need (and they will fill your belly).
  4. Drink water!!!  Your goal should continue to be to drink 1/2 of your body weight in ounces while on vacation.  Its especially important to stay on track with while traveling because many times our system is out of whack when we travel.  So drink up!
  5. Pack snacks.  If you are flying this is especially important.  With cancellations and delays, you never know when or what you will be able to eat next.  Pack nuts, protein bars, or high protein snacks in your carry-on.  Keep these on hand throughout your trip you so you dont get to the starving mode which often causes us to make bad decisions.
    Here are a few no-equipment-needed workouts that you can do while you are traveling.

      1.  2 Circuit beach workout by RW3 Fitness (partner is needed for 2nd Circuit)
      2. Beach Bootcamp workout by Raw Warrior:
      3. Gosia Cano Fitness Beach workout: 

    In this 20-minute beach boot camp you will work your entire body. You don’t need any equipment; your own body weight is your resistance. Join us for 5 circuits of body blasting exercises that are 30 seconds long. After 3 exercises you will get a 30 second recovery. Here is the breakdown: All circuits are repeated 2x’s:

      Circuit 1: push-ups jacks burpees
      Circuit 2: froggy squats hop-ins power skates
      Circuit 3: side moving planks 2 knee tucks and 2 high knees sprinter’s start
      Circuit 4: knee to elbow lunges jump out, squat, jump in toe tap planks
      Circuit 5: jack knife sit-ups bear crawls football run and 1 jump squat
    One last workout…

    Work hard + Play hard = lasting results!