The Monday Morning hustle

Happy Monday?  Its always said with a question isnt it?  Today is no different as we all wake up with some snow dusting on the ground…in April.

But at least my backyard doesn’t look like this!

That is my sisters house in MN.  I would definitely pull the covers over my head & go back to bed…for 6 more weeks.  Because lets be real.  Even if God blesses us with warm temps and sunshine next week, the lakes have been cold to frozen since November, which means the lakes won’t be warm enough to dip a toe into them until the 4th of July…IF we are lucky.

Happy Monday?

Aside from Mother Nature being a real bully, I wanted to stop by and wish you a great week.  I would love to say my Monday morning went off with a bang, but it didn’t.  My Monday morning involved tears from my 7 year old twice.  One, because he realized he didn’t complete his reading log for last week and its due today.  Two, because I gave him choices that involved get ready, you are not missing the bus and you will have consequences after school.  Three, because we got to the bus on time (this is a special occasion for us…I mean we should actually get a treat for every time we make the bus because it is quite an accomplishment) only for him to realize he forgot his water bottle at home and he hates school milk, therefore he wont have a drink with his lunch and he at that point informed me that he was going to die today.  So I gave him a hug, and said “I love you, you will be ok, don’t let this one thing ruin your day now get going,” kissed him on the cheek and walked away.  A life lesson on Monday morning before 7:30 AM.

As I walk back to the house I think to myself am I prepared for this parenting gig?  Ten years too late I know, but the thought is there and I am keeping it real with you.  Parenting is hard.  As soon as you figure it out…or think you have figured it out, they change.

My boys

The one thing that makes it easier for me is thinking about how much I love these boys of mine.  My entire being loves them.  Its the craziest thing I have ever experienced.  I didn’t think I wanted to be a mom.  Looking back I know it was rooted out of fear.  BUT God…He knew better.  He helped me overcome my fear and in that process it helped me to realize how much He loves me.

I look at the love I have for my kids and am in complete awe knowing God loves me 100-billion times more.  My kids mess up and I forgive them.  I mess up and God forgives me with an even bigger heart.  He loves, forgives, is patient and unchanging.  We are all so blessed!

My kids are learning life lessons each day, as am I.  God is there cheering us on.  Guiding us through it as we look to Him for wisdom and grace.  So, on this Monday if life is throwing you a curve ball, just remember how very loved you are!


Peace, Love & Prayers,