Summer is my favorite time of year. We live in the Midwest & while I do enjoy every season, summer is my favorite. To me summer is sunshine, warm air, boating, homemade ice cream (that could be a post all by itself!), kids sleeping in, kids staying up late, fireworks, boat rides, baseball games, beautiful sun sets, coffee on the patio, swimming, cookouts, bags (or corn holes, depending on where you are from), bike rides, paddle board yoga, and fresh produce. The list could go on & on! Summer is pure joy!

In addition to all that is listed above, we have lots of cookouts. I come from a big family & married into a big family. In the months of June & July we have 9 birthdays! There are many celebrations – including my birthday tomorrow!

So today, in celebration of my birthday which is 7-7-77, I am going to list 7 of my favorite things or must haves for summer.

1. For beauty products – my favorite hair product is Diva Curl. It is a must have if you have curly hair & live in the humid region of the Midwest during the summer. LOVE IT!

2. AND for skin care in the summer I love Shea butter & olive oil, Cocoa Mango scent from Lori’s Soaps. We stumbled upon this little shop a few years ago while in Florida visiting my husbands grandpa & his wife. She introduced me to this stuff & I am addicted! I order all my soaps & lotions from them online and they have the best customer service!
Shea Butter & Olive Oil Cocoa Mango Lotion

3. I live in workout gear & these workout skirts are my new favorite piece to my workout wardrobe.
If you live in the area go check these out at Fleet Feet

4. I mentioned ice cream earlier…everyone needs one of these for summer!
Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker

5. Everyone needs a good hat for summer. I LOVE this hat! Its great for boating or on days your curls are too crazy. Know whats even better? I got it at the Target dollar spot.IMG_2754

6. BEST FLIP FLOPS EVER!! Have you ever tried OOFOS? I love them! They are more expensive than your average flip flop, but they have such great support. I got them at Fleet Feet (see link above in #3) but I think you can get them at too. They are so comfy & they come in many colors!

7. Get a good book to read! I love to start my mornings by sitting outside, enjoying a cup of coffee and reading. Some days I only get to read 10 minutes but this quiet time is so important to me. The kids keep me busy all day long, so this is my time to be still & get ready for the day. Stay tuned, I will post more on my favorite book recommendations next week! This is a picture from my recent vacation – I got to sit & drink my coffee and read with this amazing view! It was definitely one of the highlights of my trip!IMG_2982

So, there you have it! My favorite summer must haves! I hope your summer has been filled with lots of fun times, making great memories with your families!